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Last comments:

  • nikhi-MayLove a quick one outside 
  • Austin-LambSounds like a classic case of penis envy to me.
  • jayceCobbWow, sehr Geil!
  • timBQlet me use that blk subject for my plesure
  • How43Such a nice dick!
  • RickyKPThe sound of that splatting everywhere is sooooo hot. This is one of my all time favorite videos! Grateful for your vids! :)
  • ben48very very hot
  • aedan-ShawDamn Kurt Ka1s3r is so hot.
  • ChristopherHaneyI'm sure I could be enough to you, at their place! You know I'm a nipple worshipper!
  • ben1971really amazing... wish it was me the other one!
  • sidnSmithMy mouth's drooling watching this horse hung cutie enjoy himself.
  • darreLCWOW!!  that was intense, loved it
  • Kae.UGood scene.  Interesting, however that the priests are always very young in gay porn scenes.  I'm a practicing Catholic and have not seen a young priest for a very long time.
  • Malaki-HayesFuck yeah!
  • donovanWrightthanks, man! i think i'm getting one right now to try it myself, cant wait!
  • ibrah38It is obviously a typo. Should be gurl
  • GavCoteWow, das ist ja mega geil, ganz nach meinem Geschmack.
  • DangLevyomg so hot body huge fat cock big shots want u boi
  • LeoneOwensI like to watch the way you wank. You make me a fine lewd feeling.
  • deeg-SharpThe scene is good.
    There is only one thing I don't understand.
    If you have a dick, why using dildos?
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